About Us

My name is Soraya and I am a designer, yoga teacher and an active meditator.

Divine Thread Mala was born from a dream. My dream was to have a company its could bring peace, beauty, comfort and kindness to people.

My dream was to combine what I love the most - design, colours, beauty, yoga and meditation -  and create a company dedicated to cultivate consciousness and awareness.

I had the vision that my products would be adored. They would be adored because they bring what people are looking for the most: inner peace.

So Divine Thread Malas was born in 2015. From my living room to the world.

Divine Thread offers beautiful and unique 108 bead malas. Every mala is designed and handmade by me in my lovely home in Vancouver, Canada.

The gemstones are selected with care and all malas are knotted with awareness, following the wisdom and tradition of the eastern cultures.

Divine Thread Malas are designed for people who care and respect their neighbours, their community. People who act locally to change globally. People who believe that Uniqueness should be celebrated.

One of a kind, our Malas are made with the assurance that everyone is unique so YOUR Mala reflects your personality, your nature, your lifestyle.

We are very proud of offering our Malas, locally made with love and awareness. Wear Divine Thread Malas and show to the world that you are a mindful person.

Celebrate Everyone's Uniqueness.

In gratitude,