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Overall quantity of Collections and Products

#products in site: 18 {if this number is different, remember to manually load gift cards}
#collections in site: 26

Individual Collection product counts

All products all-products 4
Amazonite amazonite 0
Amethyst amethyst 3
Black Onyx black-onyx 1
Blue Agate blue-agate 0
Blue Lace Agate blue-lace-agate 1
Carnelian carnelian 2
Chakras chakras 0
Clear Quartz clear-quartz 1
Collections mala-collections 18
Favourite favourite 4
Featured products homepage-featured-products 0
Frontpage frontpage 4
Gemstones gemstones 0
Intention intention 0
Lapis Lazuli lapis-lazuli 4
Little Ones little-ones 0
Mala mala 18
Mandala mandala 3
Necklaces necklaces 18
New new 0
Rose quartz rose-quartz 2
Workshops workshops-mala 2
Yoga Classes yoga-classes 1
Yoga Classes yoga-classes-1 0
Yoga Classes yoga-classes-2 0

Navigation and Link Lists

title handle
OLD Main Menu main-menu
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Home frontpage / Store Frontpage
About page /pages/about-us
Mala catalog All Products
Thread blog /blogs/inspiration
Testimonials blog /blogs/testimonials
Collections frontpage / Store Frontpage
Contact Us page /pages/contact-us

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Information footer
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Search search Search Page
About Us page /pages/about-us
Contact page /pages/contact-us
Shipping page /pages/shipping-information
Site by: http

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Collections collections
title type object / link
Chakras collection /collections/chakras
Mandala collection /collections/mandala

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Intention intention
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Policies policies
title type object / link
Terms & Conditions page /pages/terms-conditions
Privacy Policy page /pages/privacy-policy
Returns & Exchanges page /pages/returns-exchanges
Admin http
Repairs product /products/repair

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Main Menu main-menu-1
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Home frontpage / Store Frontpage
Malas collection /collections/mala
Gemstones page /pages/gemstones
Chakras page /pages/chakras
Yoga Classes http
Workshops product /products/rebirthing-cleaning-the-mind
About page /pages/about-us

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MALA sidebar-front-page
title type object / link
New collection /collections/new
Necklaces collection /collections/necklaces
Collections collection /collections/mala-collections
Gemstones collection /collections/amazonite
Favourite collection /collections/favourite
My Mala page /pages/my-mala
Workshops collection /collections/workshops-mala
Repairs product /products/repair

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about about
title type object / link
Who we are page /pages/about-us
Where to find us page /pages/stockists
Who is wearing us page /pages/who-is-wearing-us
Giving back page /pages/acting-locally

title handle
Malas malas
title type object / link
What is a mala? page /pages/mala
How to choose a mala? page /pages/how-to-choose-a-mala
Meditation page /pages/meditation
Workshops page /pages/workshops
Mala to be repaired product /products/repair

title handle
Meditation meditation
title type object / link
Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo page /pages/ong-namo-guru-dev-namo-malas
Om Mani Padme Hum page /pages/om-mani-padme-hum-malas

title handle
Gemstones gemstones
title type object / link
Amazonite collection /collections/amazonite
Amethyst collection /collections/amethyst
Black Onyx collection /collections/black-onyx
Blue Agate collection /collections/blue-agate
Blue Lace Agate collection /collections/blue-lace-agate
Carnelian collection /collections/carnelian
Clear Quartz collection /collections/clear-quartz
Lapis Lazuli collection /collections/lapis-lazuli
Rose Quartz collection /collections/rose-quartz

title handle
Workshops workshops
title type object / link
Rebirthing product /products/rebirthing-cleaning-the-mind
Gong Bath product /products/gong-bath-celebration
Mala Workshop product /products/mala-workshop
Kundalini Yoga - Trauma product /products/awakening-healing-trauma-with-kundalini-yoga
All Night Gong Bath product /products/all-night-gong-bath-meditation

title handle
Yoga Classes yoga-classes
title type object / link
Kundalini Yoga at Bridge and Enrich http


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Black Onyx

Blue Agate

Blue Lace Agate



Clear Quartz



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Lapis Lazuli

Little Ones





Rose quartz


Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes

Yoga Classes
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