How to choose a mala?

Sit quietly, breathe and realign with your deepest intention. Malas are more than just accessories. Divine Thread Malas remind us to have moments of self-care, gratitude and compassion. Breathe, connect to your uniqueness. It is important to be clear about your intention.

What is your favourite colour? What colour makes you smile. You want to choose a mala that you will use and wear often. Choose your favourite colour. Take note of the colours that keep appearing in your daily life. Observe your clothing, your home, and the environments that you enjoy spending time in. What we are seeking is very often around us.

Have you always been drawn to a specific gemstone? With so many gemstones and so many options, how do you choose a mala that is right for you and your practice? Find a gemstone that "speaks" to you. Read about it, get familiar with its healing properties. Please check Divine Thread Gemstones page if you need some help.

What are you looking for? What do you want to create in your life? What are you struggling with. What do you want to let go? What would like to bring to your life? What are you working on? Ask yourself these questions and see if they guide you your deepest intention.


Choosing a mala is a combination of all of these factors – most importantly follow your intuition and follow your heart.