Join us for this three hour workshop to experience a powerful rebirthing process through Kundalini Yoga, meditation and gong bath. May 18th from 6pm to 9pm at Bridge and Enrich - 718 East 20th (Fraser and 20th).

Go deep and release the subconscious, “the storehouse of misery.”

Rebirthing is a powerful practice taught by Yogi Bhajan. It is an ancient yogic technology to heal the pain of the past and overcome the obstacles.

The subconscious is constantly recording and storing all of our pain and fears; our stories. Like a computer, we need, from time to time, to press the reset button and release the baggage that we carry on our shoulders so we can travel light, connect to our inner strength and step into the destiny of your greatest fulfillment.

“The soul is a continuous source of yourself. The body and mind are given to you to serve the soul”. Develop resilience, eliminate fear, and reset your nervous system.